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ALZRC Devil 380 FAST RC Helicopter Super Combo

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-With flybarless head rotor set. 6061T aluminum precision CNC processing technic, equipped with silver-red present more high fidelity.  Rotor head using 5mm-diameter spindle shaft and 8mm-diameter main shaft.
-With FBL pros and cons linkage rod, metal dual-bearing swashplate.
-With all-metal swashplate servo mount, accurate fixed position, apply to most commercially micro swashplate servo.
-Improved with all-metal 5 fixed points motor mount.
-Big battery compartment and slideway design, more convenient for install and disassemble. Wide selection of batteries with different capacities 6S 1500~2600 mAh.
-Plastic locked rudder servo mount, apply to Medium-sized servo.
-Adapting Japan imported UNITTA or America imported GATES synchronized conveyor belt.
-With magnetic quick release canopy mounting bolt.
-New improved 1.5mm carbon fiber compound frame,over 90% of screw using Taiwan Fang Sheng 12.9-Class socket button head screw,equipped with red aluminium screw washer.
-With all-metal gyro mount.
-Improved and thickened carbon fiber tail boom.
-New design of metal tail torque tube set, metal tail rotor control tie rod ball,improved tail holder set, apply to most commercially 5mm tail blade. (That is 500-Class tail blade)
-With metal tail rotor control arm assembly.
-Streamline fiberglass painting canopy Combo.
●Color: Gold black, blue red, green black
●Main rotor diameter: 856 mm
●Main blade length: 380mm
●Tail rotor diameter: 196 mm
●Tail blade length: 70 mm
●Main shaft diameter: 8 mm
●Tail shaft diameter: 5 mm

Recommended Parts(Not Included):
Battery 22.2V 1800mah 6S 30C Lipo Battery
Rodio System:Above 6ch

Package Included:
1x Devil 380 Helicopter
1x 1000KV motor

1x ALZRC V3 60A ESC (Hobbywing)

3x ALZRC 452 Swashplate servo
1x ALZRC 501 Tail servo
1x KBAR K8 3 Axis Gyro

ALZRC Devil 380 FAST RC Helicopter Super Combo

ALZRC Devil 380 FAST RC Helicopter Super Combo


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