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We stand by our great products and prices, your orders are covered by the following.

3 Day Product Guarantee – If your order arrives damaged, not working or not as described please contact us within 3 days of receiving the product. We will  usually resend the order or offer you a full refund.

1. Within 3 days of receiving the product, contact us with a photo or video explaining the issue and whether you want a refund or replacement.

  •  -What we will need from you.
    A photo or video showing the issue.
    A photo of the shipping label and original packaging.
    To tell us if you prefer a refund or replacement.

2. We will review the claim and contact you if we need more information.

3.If Approved, we will refund or resend the item, you may also be asked to return the product.  If you are required to return the item to us, we will pay for all return shipping fees.

Will I need to send the item back? 

Only high value products need to be returned. High value is determined by our service team and is usually an item around $70 or more. If it is not high value then you do not need to return it and can keep the faulty product.

If we ask you to return the product we will discuss with you the most cost effective way to return ship it to us and give you full instructions including our address.  If we ask you to return a DOA item, we are responsible for paying the return shipping fee.

Where do i send returns?

Items must be returned to the warehouse they came from. If you ordered from a local warehouse you can send back to the same local warehouse. If you however ordered from an overseas warehouse, you can not return it to a local warehouse.

Do I need to return all parts or just the faulty part?

Unless agreed otherwise, you must return the item fully complete, including all packaging, cables and chargers. If the returned item is not fully complete, you will be charged for the value of these missing parts.

Product Warranty – If you encounter quality issues within the warranty period you will be covered. Every product has a specific warranty period. If it is not stated in the product listing, contact us.

1. Make a video or photo showing the issue & apply and contact us.

2. We will Contact you for more information or give you a response about your claim within 2 Business days.

3. If it is covered under our Guarantee; you will likely be asked to return the product to us. Responsibility for the payment of shipping charges is determined on a case by case basis; usually the shipping costs for warranty claims are shared between us.

Warranty Exclusions

All warrantees begin from the date the product is received. If a product develops a fault during the warranty and the fault is due to a quality issue rather than your own breakage or misuse, we will accept a return. However here are situations you are unlikely to be covered for.

a) The user voids the warranty if they
– Flash the firmware of a device
– Opens the body in an attempt to fix, otherwise
– Modify remove or swap parts of a product
– Uses the device in a way that it is not intended for
– Continues to use once the fault occurs and causes more damage
– Fail to contact us when the problem first occurs

b) Warrantees do not cover cases of damage to products from accidental breakage, misuse, or general wear and tear.

c) Returns without prior discussion and authorization will not be accepted.

d) If your product is covered by warranty and a repair is impossible and we can’t offer a replacement due to stock or an outdated model,we will credit you what you originally paid so that you can choose to purchase another item.

e) Intimate apparel and intimate toys cannot be returned due to health regulations.

f) If items are lost during return shipping. We recommend that you send your return via Registered Air Mail.

3 Day Return To Us – For whatever reason if you are unsatisfied with your order within 3 days you can return it to us in new condition for a refund minus the shipping charges. For health reasons certain adult and clothing products cannot be returned if opened.

3 Day Return To Us

If you are unhappy with your product and it is still in new condition we can offer a partial refund. We will refund the price you paid minus the shipping charges incurred by us. You will also have to pay the shipping fee to send it back to us. Damaged or worn products will not be accepted and all original packaging must be included in a new condition. The international shipping fee can be high so we don’t offer a full refund on the purchase price. For small items, the shipping cost to send back to us can be larger than the cost of the item and it may not be worth the cost to return.


   Registration Terms – If you fill in the wrong customer shipping address, you should bear 99% of the liability. If you have used the wrong address contact us as soon as you realize as once it is shipped we cannot change it.
Repair/Parts Service – Did you just drop your new phone? Crashed your RC? Sometimes accidents happen, if you love your product and it gets damaged contact us and our technical team will see if they can repair it or send you spare parts.

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